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Writer's block

What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

I just graduated from Slavic Studies with Bachelor's Degree and going to get the Master's Degree in that major, and also finished first year of Religious studies at University of Gdańsk. In high school though I was in the bilingual class, with English major - history, geography and chemistry were taught not only in Polish but also in English. And I always thought that my future will be connected with that.

Even in 9th grade I passed FCE exam, which was very soon. My matura - the main exam after high school - was Proficiency level, and it went for me quite good, so I was sure that I would qualify for English philology. But after first date of results I was quite low on the list. I thought that I'd never qualify. As I know right now - if I waited for the last list, I would qualify, I'd be there. But I didn't like waiting... I still don't like. So I decided to join Slavic studies.

It was very hard during especially last two years. Check my entries back - you will see how many times I cried, how many times I wanted to give up. For many reasons. But at first I didn't want to give up, then it was a thought that I don't wanna loose a year in my life, then why the hell I started if I'm not finishing it with nothing, with even no paper. I didn't like that... SO I FINISHED THEM.

For the past year we were writing thesis - at least 40 pages paper connected with Slavic studies. I wrote about angels in the Dubravka Ugresic's book Museum of unconditional surrender. and month ago I defended it and officially graduated. 

and as Religious studies are concerned, I went there cause I always liked learning about religions.

it's hard to get a job here, and I don't know how it will look for a girl knowing Croatian and all about religions. I'd love to work as interpretor, I would love to translate books, and other stuff. But how will my future look? I guess I have to live and see... ;)

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